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Valentine's Day, Sunday, February 14

Extended Valentine's hours:
     Mon. – Fri. — 8:00 to 5:30
     Saturday, February 13 — 8:00 to 5:00
     Sunday, February 14 — 8:00 to 4:00

          We Deliver!

This year, Valentine's Day is on a Sunday.
When is the best time to give Valentine's flowers so the recipient will experience the most enjoyment?!

Thanks to all the women and men who took part in our Facebook survey, we have answers for you!
And, the survey says:

The #1 request: "Flowers at work the week before so you can enjoy them! And brag a little!"
"Flowers on Monday, Feb.8 to enjoy all week for work."
"The week prior so the blooms have all week to open up, & I can take them home for the weekend."
"Since I am at work so much I would like them early to enjoy as long as possible. My husband is standing right here watching me type this. How's that for a hint?"
"At work. Gotta show it off a little..."
"I would love to get flowers at work...I spend most of my waking hours there, and to be able to enjoy them all week would be fantastic!"

#2. The 2nd most requested gesture of love is small gifts or surprises throughout the week prior to the Sunday Valentine's Day.
"I love the idea of receiving small gifts leading up to Valentine's Day. It's like saying I love you every day!"
"I think several small gifts through the week to stretch out the anticipation!"
"I would love small, unexpected thoughtful gifts leading up to the day."

#3. The 3rd most popular request is to celebrate Valentine's Day ON the day.
"I would vote for Valentine's day. That's what the day is supposed to be. A thought or kind act from someone who loves you or you them. A day to recognize the gift of having them in your life."
"I would love it that day. A lazy Sunday morning, wake up slowly and lavished on all day. Pure bliss"

#4. A few people would enjoy receiving a flower delivery at work on Monday, Feb. 15, the day directly following Valentine's Day. SPECIAL NOTE: Mon, Feb. 15 is President's Day, so if you opt for this as a delivery day, please verify if your Valentine is working or has the day off.
"I think flowers the day after would be nice."
"Monday AFTER!"
"The day after...to enjoy that week..."

#5. There are some people who feel grateful for a thoughtful gesture! Oh, and FLOWERS!!
"Flowers are a joy any day!"
"I always love everything I get from Victorias Garden no matter when it comes!"
"Hell I would be happy to receive flowers ANYTIME!"
"I love flowers any time. One can never have too many flowers."
"I'd prefer to just be with the people I love on that day and be grateful for them. If they choose to surprise me-perfect! If not- still perfect."
"Any gesture of someone thinking about me is flattering. It doesn't matter how big/ how much the gift cost...or who it is from! ( friends send each other Valentines too)"
"I don't like having to be romantic on one particular day. It's romantic to me when my husband does the unexpected gifts on days when he knows I'm struggling."

#6. These responses made us sad. Let's all pay attention to people who may feel alone on this day, & send them some love!! .....a single wrapped flower, a card, a hug, a truffle or coffee and conversation!
"I don't have a significant other so I guess it really doesn't matter."
"I won't get to spend it with him since he's overseas."
"How about women who are older and alone! We still would appreciate a valentine surprise!"
"I would love to have flowers at work. But, I don't see that happening."
"This is the loneliest day of the year."
"I would just like to have someone the share the day with."

#7. Men deserve flowers, too!!
"How bout reversing it....the lady sends her Man flowers at work......"

#8. We love these people who just want to spread the love every day of the year!! The Beatles said it best, " All you need is love. Love is all you need." xoxoxo
"I don't think we should just celebrate love just one day...if you love someone... You should show it all the time... Make your own day!!!"
"Valentine's is not just for Valentine's Day we should always spread love through the year so before is not ruining the surprise its sharing the joy"

One of a Kind Floral Gift Ideas:

Give the ultimate of floral gifts: "A Year of Flowers". Whether you choose a single bloom, a wrapped bouquet or an artistically designed vase of garden flowers, we will deliver your gift each month for a year. We custom price this gift to your specifications.

Give the gift of learning!

We offer private, hands-on design class sessions in our downtown Rapid City studio. Classes are available for individuals, mother/daughter bonding, or fun evening with friends. Starting at $50 per person.

"Each flower is a soul opening out to nature."

~Gerald De Nerval

Video tour of Victoria’s Garden

inside the storeHere at Victoria’s Garden we are a unique floral designery. You will find only the highest quality floral arrangements and selection of luscious blooming and green plants as well as boutique style gifts that are perfect for all occasions.

Because we are not affiliated with any wire services and are not your average cookie cutter florist, our designers have boundless creative freedom to help you express any and all of your sentiments through the enduring beauty of floral design. Ensconced in the following pages you will discover the wide variety of messages that a floral gift can convey as you peruse our various design galleries.

Lily and Maude

Our designers want to assist you in creating your one-of-a-kind floral gift. We all look forward to meeting and working with you, whether by phone or in person. We sincerely welcome you to stop by the shop or browse our numerous galleries so that we can work together to create your floral masterpiece. Please take an actual or virtual stroll through Victoria’s Garden and always live your life in full bloom!


Victoria’s Garden makes daily deliveries to Rapid City, Black Hawk, Ellsworth Air Force Base (EAFB), Piedmont, New Underwood, Box Elder, Hermosa, Summerset, Black Hills National Cemetery, Rapid City Regional Hospital, Black Hills Surgical Hospital, Same Day Surgery Center, Kirk Funeral Home, Behrens Wilson Funeral Home, Edstrom & Rooks Funeral Services at Serenity Springs, Osheim & Schmidt Funeral Home. With 24 hours notice we will courier deliver to Keystone, Hill City, Custer, Deadwood, Sturgis, Whitewood and Spearfish.

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